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If you have identity cards, you will need to weigh up several factors to find the best solution


Ask yourself…

  • How secure must they be?
  • Do they need to be ‘Tamper-evident’or ‘Tamper-proof’?
  • How many Identity Cards are needed?
  • How often are new ones required?
  • Do you need to issue them yourself ‘on demand’ or not?


We will help you to establish:

  • If the quantities involved justify the expense of an imaging machine (Zebra, Javelin, Cim etc)
  • Should you go for a cold-seal system?

These are the four types of Identity card that we offer:

  • DIY – Cold Seal
  • Imaged Via Dye-Sublimation
  • Pre Printed + Dye Sublimation Imaging
  • Integral – Fully manufactured to ISO7810

You’ll find there are many ways to have Identity cards made and we can help you to come to the right decision. If you tell us exactly what you want to end up with, we’ll work out the best way for you to achieve it.

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