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Make sure your customers keep coming back by pitching your promotion correctly for your target market first time.


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Put golden handcufffs on your customers by issuing them with their own reward, loyalty or VIP cards. But, it is important to remember that however you label them, they are all promotional cards.


You’ll find our 30 years in the business has given us a wealth of experience in this field. This means we are able to give you a great deal of help and advice to make sure your project brings you a worthwhile return.

This will only happen if your cards look and feel right, carry the right message (clearly) and make your customer feel valued.

You will know most of the nationally successful card schemes such as The Nectar Card, the Tesco Club card, the Boots Advantage card etc.

These have lasted the test of time, but there are many grand schemes that never really got going. So it doesn’t matter how large or small your project is, the most important factor is this:

The psychology must be carefully thought out. In fact, it is an absolute ‘no-no’ to even use the word ‘scheme’. No-one wants to do business with a schemer. However,you’re project is not a scheme, it is a ‘customer reward’ card project. So, to be sure to get it right, we recommend you go through the mechanics of your customer offer with us as soon as possible as we’ve seen so many come and go.

Together, we can ‘hone’ your project to give it maximum appeal. Let’s give your customer offer a profile that should ensure success

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