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Membership control with plastic cards

Think of your cards as a membership control system

You can use different cards to determine different levels of membership…

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The level of sophistication required on a membership card depends both on the functions that you need it to perform and the budget available.

Although membership cards are an obvious use for plastic cards, these cards vary significantly between different clubs and organisations.

Some businesses use the phrase ‘membership card’ when their project is really a loyalty/discount/privilege card. There is nothing wrong with this. It could be said that by making someone a ‘member’ of your loyalty scheme, you are implying greater ‘worth’ to both the card and the recipient.

However, a ‘pure’ membership card will denote a membership of a club or organisation where the holder of the card will be granted various membership rights. These can be anything from simply being accepted as a member, to a full-blown complex membership involving different levels of status. This can even be access restricted or granted according to the membership level via a magnetic stripe or barcode and maybe even an I.D. photo.

Think of plastic membership cards as a ‘membership control system’

Just let us know what you need to achieve within your membership and we’ll help you to find the best solution through the use of plastic cards.

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